The sun greeted us this morning as we cruised into Romer Fjord in Scoresby Sound. The area has a lot of geothermal activity, and the hot springs greeted us with their very distinctive smell.

Some of our guests hiked the impressive and steep mountain on top of the landing site and were rewarded with spectacular views. Others chose a more leisurely approach to the morning activities and joined hikes along the coast. Zodiac cruises were also offered, and it was a pleasure to cruise along the mirrorlike waters of the fjord.

The afternoon was spent in the hot springs for those who wished after expedition leader Russ spent the better part of the morning making the springs welcoming.

The dive team explored the unknown waters of the area. Just a few meters beneath the surface, another world opened. It was full of life, including kelp, algae, fish, plankton, and exciting small creatures of the undersea world! We could have stayed for much longer, but the temperature eventually forced us to the surface.

We are now making our way towards Iceland. Thank you, Greenland, for this visit. It has been amazingly beautiful!