Today we started our expedition by waking up very early to enjoy the best time of the day. We visited one of the most iconic islands in the Galapagos: Bartolome. This unique island is an open book for geology, and after an invigorating hike to the summit, we enjoyed one of the most popular and recognized landscapes that this volcanic archipelago has to offer.

After an energizing breakfast, we grabbed our snorkel gear and beachwear before we landed on a golden, peaceful, and pristine beach. We spent a relaxed morning enjoying the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. Penguins and sea lions were the highlights of this outing.

As we sailed toward our next destination, a delicious lunch was served. Sailing and enjoying the outdoor restaurant on National Geographic Islander II is such a treat!

The afternoon took us to Cerro Dragon on the north side of Santa Cruz Island. We disembarked for a hike to the inland dry forest of palo santo trees, the natural habitat for a unique reptile, the Galapagos yellow land iguana. This reptile inhabits and nests in the island’s arid zone. We took a walk and took up close photographs of the animals. Several species of land birds were observed. The Galapagos flycatcher was one of our best sightings.

Every day in the Galapagos offers a new variety of endemic animals that can only be seen in this remote place.