Our trip is coming to an end. We have had a marvelous experience traveling around these enchanted islands, and today we visited a very special spot in the Galapagos. It was the frosting on the cake. Santiago is the third largest island and has a wide variety of wildlife. Early in the morning, we explored the coast of Buccaneer Cove, a legendary place where Darwin set foot in 1835. He camped here for nine days and gathered a great collection of specimens. The coast is beautiful, and various seabirds rested on an impressive cliff that was formed by volcanic gravel, tuff, and basaltic rocks. Guests kayaked for an hour, taking pictures and working out to start the day.

Later, we returned to the ship for breakfast. Afterwards, we explored the island one more time via Zodiac and glass-bottom boat tours. Finally, we snorkeled to spot many marine creatures. In the afternoon, we moved to Puerto Egas, a nice bay with many black sand beaches. Sea lions and red crabs basked in the sun. Some of our guests snorkeled, and the water was full of fish, sharks, rays, and playful sea lions. Other guests walked along the shoreline. The tide was low, which exposed the intertidal zone for exploration. We saw many types of migratory birds, such as plovers, whimbrels, herons, sandpipers, and turnstones. Marine iguanas were returning from their feeding, and fur sea lions played in the little pools that form grottos.

Wellness specialist Hilda led a stretching session on the beach. We relaxed and connected with nature and its sounds. At night, we had a farewell cocktail party to celebrate our amazing journey around the Galapagos. Our captain celebrated with us. We enjoyed a slideshow prepared for us by our photo instructor, which included photos and memories of this unforgettable experience.