Wow! It was our second day in Samoa and it was another very special adventure. Overnight, we repositioned to the village of Savaia where people were waiting impatiently for us. We were the first ship to ever come to this part of Samoa, and the locals were as thrilled as we were for this visit.

We were welcomed by everyone in the village, and the men and women performed a beautiful and colourful dance for us. Afterward, they told us about the Giant Clam Sanctuary that has been in the lagoon in front of the village for 30 years. We then went snorkelling right there, enjoying the water and the abundant clams, some of which were huge!

Back on board after an adventurous Zodiac ride, we had a very informative and interesting afternoon with two impressive lecturers. Traditional navigator and Polynesian leader, Tua Pittman, explained the modern Polynesian voyaging canoes, and Doctor Hillary Smith, guest scientist on board, told us about her research on coral reefs.  

Next, we’re headed to Wallis!