Today we visited Seymour Island, a favorite island in the Galapagos and a bird paradise. During our hike, we observed lots of frigatebirds displaying their gular pouches. We also spotted many blue-footed boobies with babies that were almost ready to fly from the nest. During our excursion, we walked through an area full of land iguanas. We observed males and females resting under the cacti. We enjoyed countless wildlife sightings. Sea lions and their young pups were a highlight; they were all over the sandy area of this small island.

During the afternoon, we went to Rábida, the red sand island. Sea lions had prepared a welcome party for us, and they greeted us as we reached the beach. The afternoon was full of emotion as we observed a large number of flamingos near the lagoon behind the beach.

We finished our day with the first recap of our expedition, which was followed by another delicious dinner offered by our galley team.