It’s the beginning of the expedition on National Geographic Islander II and today we woke up for a pre breakfast walk on the island of South Plaza. Sea lions greeted us at the dock and on the trails land iguanas were basking in the first light of the sun as others ate the vegetation.

Later in the morning guests enjoyed some water activities, such as kayaking along the shore or swimming in the ocean.

Later, the ship shifted location and headed south toward Santa Fe Island, a place that holds the second largest colony of sea lions in this archipelago. Guests snorkeled in crystal clear water with sea lions, reef fish, sharks, and nudibranchs. For those who couldn’t explore the ocean swimming, they could enjoy it on board the glass-bottom boat.

Later in the afternoon it was time to explore the island and walk the trails and observe endemic creatures such as land iguanas, lizards, mocking birds, and more.

We are having a fabulous time on our expedition in the Galápagos Islands.