Along the remote, northwestern edge of Southeast Alaska, our expedition took us on a journey to the mystical Salt Chuck Bay. We embarked on a day of exploration into the forests and up a hill to a remote muskeg, where shore pines sat in an open, mossy clearing. Since it was low tide, we ventured across the intertidal zone which revealed its secrets, unveiling a hidden world teeming with vibrant marine life. But our adventure didn't stop there. Guided by the call of adventure, we glided through the pristine waters of Salt Chuck Bay, our kayaks silently slicing through the mirrored surface. After lunch, we boarded Zodiacs to venture closer to the shorelines of this archipelago. Within a few minutes, amidst the grandeur of nature, we were greeted by an unforgettable sight – humpback whales feeding and diving against the backdrop of rugged cliffs and breaking waves. Steller sea lions basked lazily on rocky outcrops and hunted for fish in the pass as the current ripped and whirled underneath our boat. “I have no words,” proclaimed someone in our Zodiac. The unyielding beauty and enchantment that can be found within the heart of Alaska's untamed wilderness were in full force today.