Today we woke up to see Spert Island bathed in hazy sunshine. After a delicious breakfast it was time to load up into our Zodiacs, ready for an adventure. Spert Island is full of narrow channels and caves. We passed through a huge cave often referred to as, The Cathedral. It was so beautiful as the blue of the water contrasted with the browns of the rocks on either side. We were all heading for the ship when we spotted a humpback whale. We watched it dive, showing its impressive fluke.

After lunch it was time for our next activity at Mikkelson Harbour then on to our final destination at Cierva Cove. We did a beautiful ship’s cruise through the bay towards the glacier. We moved so silently we didn’t even wake the seals snoozing on the ice.

All too soon it was time for recap and a delicious dinner. We retired to our rooms to prepare ourselves for tomorrows adventure.