As National Geographic Resolution cruised through Marguerite Bay early this morning, an attempt was made to land at Red Rock Ridge to visit an Adelie penguin colony. Staff departed before breakfast in a Zodiac to brave the large waves and icebergs looming around the ship. After searching for a safe landing site, the staff concluded that conditions would not allow a safe landing. Plan B was set in motion. By the end of breakfast, National Geographic Resolution reached our second location, the historic site and monument of Stonington, Base E (a British Antarctic survey hut). After an amazing breakfast with stunning views of the surrounding glaciers, we departed for the shores of Stonington Island. Upon landing, guests explored the interior of the British hut and caught glimpses of the U.S. East Base, the oldest American base in Antarctica. The British hut was closed in 1975, and many of the contents were removed. However, it remains true to the era and was restored as a historical site. During the height of its use, the UK base often cooperated with the U.S. base to provide sledging support to the American aerial survey. A solitary cross sits upon a rocky outcropping on the far end of the island, a tribute to the death of two men who died in a storm while sledging in 1966. After exploring the island, guests departed for the ship for an afternoon of cruising and talks by on-board naturalists. Shortly after lunch, one of the largest icebergs seen this voyage (taller than National Geographic Resolution) swept past the ship. As the evening came to an end, naturalists presented their daily recaps and guests relaxed as we cruised north.