National Geographic Resolution spent the day in the Beaufort Sea as we continued navigation from Herschel Island towards Nome, Alaska. Seas were calm with slight winds. Fog prevailed all day and limited views of marine wildlife.

Throughout the day, guests enjoyed on-board activities that included presentations from Sabastian, our hotel manager, and a number of naturalists. Sabastian gave a very informative overview of hotel operations and shared with us more details regarding the complexity of the overall operation. Following Sabastian, naturalist Kevin Rattue gave a presentation on his experiences working with the Inuit of Nunavut on the environmental protection of the Northwest Passage. After lunch, naturalist Doug Gualtieri shared with us a second installment on tundra and permafrost. Following a wonderful teatime, naturalist Maria Huntsaar offered a fascinating presentation on the reasons why so many animals carry a considerable amount of body fat.

Our evening was spent enjoying a photo critique of the portrait photographs that guests have taken since embarking on National Geographic Resolution in Kangerlussuaq. Our navigation continued through the evening as we moved ever closer to the western coastline of Alaska.