National Geographic Resolution left Ushuaia on the 9th of January, so today it was time to cross the Drake Passage. The plan is to head straight below the Antarctic Circle, so we have quite a sailing ahead. Today was the perfect day for a tired traveller to take their rest, dine, and listen to some great presentations. We enjoyed three presentations today. The first one was given by the fantastic photographer Michael George. His presentation, “From Spain to Patagonia: My Life as a National Geographic Photographer,” was absolutely incredible. He shared his achievements in many aspects of life. After lunch, National Geographic Resolution enjoyed a second presenter. Doug Gould introduced guests to the seabirds of the Southern Ocean. It was a good day to reach for the binoculars to discover the birds that make their habitat in the rough ocean around the Antarctic. Petrels and albatrosses flew around the ship, entertaining guests with their incredible agility and speed in strong winds. The third presenter brought to life an important skill for everyone who is interested in photography. Lucas Bustamante shared a presentation called “iPhone Photography Tips and Tricks,” where he went through the secrets of the iPhone photography world. If you happen to be an Android user, you might feel left out. However, there is always someone amongst the staff who is willing to help with various types of phones.

Even when the day is spent traveling on the ship, there are plenty of things to do. The bridge is always ready to receive guests and show them around. The gym is available for those who want to exercise. There is the yoga studio, and, of course, there is the food! The food on National Geographic Resolution is without a doubt a fantastic experience, and for sure, no one will ever go hungry.