Early this morning, National Geographic Sea Bird turned out of Stephens Passage and into Holkham Bay, which marks the entrance to the Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness area. This vast track of wilderness received Congressional protection in 1980 and encompasses 653,179 acres. Our day was spent traveling up Tracy Arm in hopes of reaching the face of South Sawyer Glacier.

By 8:00 am, the ship reached her destination of an exposed island that faces a small entrance to Sawyer Glacier with South Sawyer within eyesight. Zodiacs were dropped, and our two groups enjoyed Zodiac rides and kayaking among the icebergs. The carved walls of the fjord, decorated with waterfalls and the beauty of spring flowers, greeted each and every passenger, no matter their transport.

A lovely, warm day made all activities comfortable, including a polar plunge that was photographed and enjoyed by all! As we finally began our journey out of Tracy Arm, two black bears were spotted on shore doing what bears do…feeding and smelling each other!