Early in the morning, National Geographic Quest dropped anchor close to the Bay of Cispata. The sun invited us to disembark right after breakfast. Among a dense mangrove estuary, we cruised until we reached an interesting dock. Local dancers welcomed us with a sample of the regional Cumbia dance.

We loaded buses and headed towards the paradise of the Sombrero Vueltiados. Tuchin is a small village populated with the remaining natives of the Situ River.  At our arrival we were greeted by local villagers who gave us a nice presentation to teach us how they make hats. After we understood the complete process, we had the great opportunity to help in their local economy.

After our visit, we returned to the village of Santa Cruz de Lorica. This town is one of the National Heritage towns of Colombia. The architecture of the houses, history, and the natural environment gave them the title of Heritage Town. The architecture has a mixture of Arab and Republican styles.

We enjoyed seeing several buildings and attractions. Among the attractions, we saw several ceramic murals and also had an opportunity to visit the local market. We were amazed by the amount of friendly locals that waved to us as we passed by the different alleys.

It was just a lovely experience visiting these towns.