It has only been a few days since we arrived at Antarctica, but those days have been incredible. Today was no exception. Our day started in Wilhelmina Bay, where National Geographic Resolution searched for whales. Our search was successful, and guests observed spyhopping minke whales peeking up from the forming fast ice. That was not all. A few guests spotted a leopard seal enjoying life on an iceberg. All of this happened before 9:15 a.m., so the day was far from over. A little change was made to the schedule, and recap followed our early morning whale watching. Then we enjoyed brunch!

In the afternoon, National Geographic Resolution headed to Foyn Harbor. Zodiacs were deployed, and everyone enjoyed a scenic tour around the vicinity. While cruising in Zodiacs, guests spotted humpbacks and two porpoising chinstrap penguins. Some guests cruised around Foyn Harbor, and other guests enjoyed Mario’s Acquarone’s talk about whaling history. After our busy day, the galley served an amazing dinner, which was followed by yet another whale sighting.