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Our fleet navigates the world in search of adventure. These are the stories they bring back…

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Smart Fun in Magdalena Bay with Mika

Hi! I’m Mika (that’s pronounced M-eee-ka!) and I‘m 9 years old. A few months ago, my parents and I had the chance to visit a beautiful and wild place called Baja. We saw so many amazing things like whales breaching, dolphins playing in the water around our ship, and a sky filled with hundreds of sparkling stars. I wanted to share some of them with you along with the photos my dad took of me on our trip. I hope you enjoy my photo diary!

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Surprising Desert Isles in the Gulf of California

The Gulf of California is teeming with 900-some species of fish and a third of the earth’s marine mammal species. As you approach untouched desert island, a world of endemic flora and fauna awaits you as you hike through colorful arroyos on protected land.

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