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The Spirit of Galápagos

Charles Darwin was just 26 when he reached the Galápagos Islands, and his natural history investigations there probably had a youthful, adventurous quality. We can imagine he clambered about, peering at everything. He noted the mockingbirds, the finches; marveled at the geology; and obsessed over the giant tortoises and marine iguanas.  He had fun. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

And you will have the same amount of fun—virtually guaranteed by the Lindblad-National Geographic expedition style. And because Galápagos, thanks to the hard work of enlightened conservation, still looks nearly the same as it did when Darwin explored it in 1835. (Kind of a miracle, if you think about it, considering the degraded state of much of our world.)

You’ll get to clamber about Darwin-like, too, as you spend your days actively, or leisurely, exploring fascinating and diverse islands, and encounter remarkable creatures and terrains.  

Playful, exploratory & active

The key to the Lindblad expedition style is choice. That’s where the fun comes in. Every day there is a range of options offered, and a panoply of personalities to engage with—thanks to Lindblad’s generous staff to guest ratio. You’re free to choose and join whichever naturalist or guest group appeals at that moment, on that day. And National Geographic Endeavour II is also completely equipped with everything your spirit of play needs.

Only in Galápagos

You get to do all the things one does in playful places—walk, hike, explore, snorkel, often twice a day; kayak, or paddleboard—but what a difference! Only in the Galápagos highlands can you walk among giant tortoises freely grazing or enjoying mud baths. Only in Galápagos can you snorkel with penguins. Only in Galápagos will a kayak or paddleboard take you past black lava ledges studded with flightless cormorants, or tiny penguins resting after their undersea hunts. And whether you pack a camera or just your smartphone, only in Galápagos can an ordinary person easily get professional-quality shots.

Wonders on land and under the sea

If you’re more inclined to leisurely explorations, then the ship's fleet of Zodiacs, also including a glass-bottom boat, will reveal these same wonders—on land and under the sea— to you, too. And if you want assistance, a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor is on board to help.

So, when you ask yourself where you can go to feel revitalized, take a page out of Darwin’s history, and tap into the spirit of Galápagos. It’s where people from 8 to 80 have experienced the delight of playful discovery with Lindblad Expeditions since 1967.

Join us in the Galápagos Islands starting this June aboard National Geographic Endeavour II.