The fastidious deck crew of National Geographic Sea Lion fastened their cleat hitches to the docks in Haines, Alaska, at 0700. Haines is a place where encounters of aquatic and terrestrial wildlife are as commonplace as the rain showers that nurture the temperate rainforest. Our morning activities began with knowledgeable local guides leading a flyfishing excursion on the Chilkoot River. Bursting with Dolly Varden trout, the cold rushing river provided spectacular scenery and copious salmonids for the fishing groups. Guests had the option to cycle along the Chilkoot River, hike to the 1200-foot summit of Mount Riley, or take a rafting trip down the Chilkat River.

Afternoon adventures boasted a visit to the eclectic and fascinating Haines Hammer Museum, a chance to explore the quaint historic town of Haines, and the option to hike to Battery Point. The afternoon Battery Point hike culminated in an intimate encounter with a female moose and her young calf!