The archipelago of Les Saintes is made up of seven islands, some large, some small, with no full-time inhabitants. We visited the town of Bourg on the largest of the islands, and immediately could smell the coffee brewing and baguettes baking…what’s not to like? The main “street” (a pedestrian one-lane concrete path) was quiet for the moment. We headed up to Fort Napoleon for a magnificent view, beautiful gardens (many succulents and cacti) and a fascinating museum, through which our historian Maria gave a great tour. Back to town for shopping, café au lait et croissant in a streetside café, or photographing the colors and very French flavor of the town. BTW they like cats in Bourg.

Late morning gave us a chance to snorkel near a hotel-bar (of course) where conditions were excellent for any number of marine creatures, from flamingo tongue mollusks, sea cucumbers and sea urchins, to parrotfish, corals, sea fans, and sponges.

After lunch but before setting sail, many of us went into the ocean one more time - directly from Sea Cloud! Some lounged on floating mattresses, others exercised, all of us had a good time in the calm waters of the Caribbean before returning on board so the ship could prepare for setting sail once more. Onward to our next island!