A plethora of activities awaited our guests as we pulled into port in the Town That Fish Built: Petersburg, Alaska.

From hiking through the forest to a stunning muskeg, exploring the town by biking or walking, and even a local-led cultural tour, there were options for everyone to make the most of the day.

During our muskeg hikes, guests got to walk through changing forest. At first, many conifers lined the trail, including western hemlocks and Sitka spruces. Bountiful blueberry bushes arrived as we climbed upwards. As the canopy opened, yellow cedars began to appear, and skunk cabbages grew in size. Then, as though we stepped over a distinct line on the ground, the trees seemed to disappear, and we emerged into the open scape of Wolf’s Bog.

Here, guests had the opportunity to utilize hand-lenses to more closely observe the microenvironment. Labrador tea, bog rosemary, deer cabbage, and bog cranberries were a few of the many plants we learned about together today.

The day ended with a crab fest to fill the belly as much as our hearts after a full and wonderful day.