We were greeted by the Pitons of Saint Lucia this morning as Sea Cloud dropped anchor in Soufriere Harbor. We planned to visit Soufriere Volcano and Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, followed by a pre-lunch snorkel. The lush botanical garden is home to an impressive range of plant and bird species, offering guests up close views of stunningly beautiful flowers and birds. We were lucky to spot an American kestrel, purple-throated and green-throated caribs, and a lesser Antillean bullfinch.

We returned to the ship for a final lunch. The sun was shining upon the ship as the captain positioned her for a final photo under the Pitons and a toast to our wonderful journey. Sea Cloud then sailed off towards Bridgetown for our morning departure. It has been a magnificent journey. We are lucky to be a part of the ship’s rich history, and we have been well taken care of by the amazing crew.