Patagonia's mythic beauty blankets the southern end of South America with massive snow-covered mountains, glacial fjords, and temperate rainforests. In these hundreds of thousands of square miles of protected, diverse terrain, you'll also find pampas, rivers, lakes, and valleys inhabited by exceptionally interesting wildlife.

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The ideal way to experience this vast, untrammeled region, which is mostly roadless and uninhabited, is by expedition ship. Chile is 4,300 miles long with 40,000 islands creating an intricate maze across its jagged coastline. It would be challenging and time-consuming—if not impossible—to cover the distances Lindblad Expeditions does and reach the wild, forested, and icy shores we do any other way. From the pinnacles of Torres del Paine National Park to the legendary Cape horn, to a restricted-access island at the end of the world, here are five epic Patagonia sites to look forward to on a Lindblad expedition.

Main image: Ralph Lee Hopkins