This morning arrived crisp and clear, with towering snowcapped mountains and spectacular icebergs lining our route as we moved deeper into Napassorssuag Fjord here in Southeast Greenland. With an expedition morning ahead of us, we were eager to get on shore and join the expedition staff for a selection of walks. The mosquitoes, however, were something none of us had bargained for! Regardless, we enjoyed our morning taking in our stunning surroundings and stretching our legs in a rarely visited corner of the world. While some of us took in more photo tips from our onboard certified photo instructor, Sue, others learned more about the interesting selection of flora to be found on shore from Sergei, one of the expedition team’s naturalists.

A leisurely afternoon followed as the ship sailed back towards the entrance of Napassorssuag Fjord. The infallible hotel department hosted an ice cream party on Deck 8, and it provided a memorable means by which to take in the view as we sailed toward our next destination, a location spotted by expedition leader Russ as we passed by in the early morning. With the weather remaining firmly on our side, the blue skies and sunshine illuminated another dramatic pocket of Napassorssuag Fjord – a bay and channel area wherein an array of dramatic icebergs awaited us. What better way to experience this area than by Zodiac? As we hopped aboard, few of us could imagine the exceptional ice sculptures that awaited us as we cruised through what was akin to a harbor filled with icebergs rather than boats. For two hours, the hues, shapes, sizes, and even sounds of the icebergs continued to enthrall us, before we had to return to the ship where we continued our expedition along the southeast coast of Greenland.

Of course, no evening onboard National Geographic Endurance is complete without a magnificent dinner in Two Seven Zero, where night after night we are always captivated by the menu on offer. Our last views of Napassorssuag Fjord accompanied us during dinner as we sailed back towards open sea. Icebergs continued to line our route and stretch far out into the distance of the open sea awaiting us.