Galápagos Family Cruise

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one of the most rewarding sights on expedition is witnessing the gleam of discovery in a child’s eyes, whether they’re walking alongside a grazing giant tortoise or watching blue-footed boobies perform an elaborate courtship dance. Moments like these are abundant in the Galápagos—and they’re especially meaningful when complemented with the learning opportunities offered through our exclusive  National Geographic Global Explorers  program.

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Young travelers on all our Galápagos expeditions can participate in the National Geographic Global Explorers program. Developed with National Geographic Educations, this hands-on, interactive program teaches kids how to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge of an explorer.

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*Terms & Conditions: We believe sharing an expedition with children is a life-enhancing experience. Take $500 off for each child under the age of 18 on any departure. Not applicable on extensions or airfare. Call for details.