The ship continued its exploration of the Antarctic Peninsula. In the morning, we were in position at Cuverville Island for our first steps on the continent of Antarctica. And what scenery we found! Icebergs in all shapes and shades of blue, majestic mountains, and, of course, penguins. Lots and lots of gentoo penguins. As soon as we stepped on the beach, we were greeted by the first penguins. Plenty of curious penguins were swimming in the water, and they came closer to check us out. We got the chance to visit penguin colonies on the shore, and we observed penguins patrolling back and forth on their highways. Some of us even caught some naughty behavior. Penguins are full of surprises.

During lunch, we sailed through the Errera Channel to a beautiful landing spot called Neko Harbour. Here we enjoyed spectacular glacier scenery framed by a few gentoo penguins. Our staff established a little hiking trail to the colonies up on the hills, and we took time to explore the area, watch the penguins, and enjoy the spectacular scenery. A few of us might have taken a picture or two (or a thousand). Back on-board National Geographic Resolution, it was time for our daily recap. Peter introduced us to the program for the following day, David took us along for a dive into the cold polar waters, and Kevin introduced us to the Gerlach expedition. Beautiful evening light and a maze of ice led us all outside to enjoy the scenery. Just another day in Antarctica.